Find us on Facebook Find us on Instagram      Welcome aliens! is a CopyCat Company of the Lunar Embassy

Here is what we know about the unscrupulous behavior of and

Buy Mars .com is owned by the same person (James) that owns the CopyCat companies & also has a D+ grade with the Better Business Bureau: BBB 

So Now he has opened also which we believe he sells thru Groupon.


A while back was an authorized Ambassador for the Lunar Embassy to Canada.

James, owner of,, , and, was caught selling

property outside of his territory and infringing on another Ambassador.  He would not stop so his contract was terminated. Since he knew how our system works he just went rogue and started

selling unauthorized lots and outright lying to confuse our potential landowners.


He claims to have a trademark but if you check the link you will see he never did, he applied for Lunar Land but not Buy Mars in 2016 and was refused: TM Database 

The Media attention he brags about on his sites are our interviews not his.


In fact, alot of what he states on his site are OUR accolades.  For Example:

1) He states “Be Aware of Companies With No Claim” – Well, he is one of the companies with No Claim. We own the claim.

2) He states he has been “selling since 1980” and on his landing page.  Nope. That is us as well.  LUNARLAND / Buy Mars .com did not become an Ambassador for the Lunar Embassy until 2013 and was terminated by 2016 for his unscrupulous behavior.

3) He states “over 300 million acres sold” …you guessed it, that is Lunar Embassy.  (updated – he has since removed this)

4) He states “AS SEEN ON TV” and “Lunar Land has been featured on BBC, Conan, NBC, CNN, & more” – No, you will find no Mention of nor BuyMars .com featured in stories from those media outlets …that is OUR press coverage. Go to his “press page” you will find only 2 Youtube videos he made. Why do you think that is? He states over 750 articles…about us yes, about Lunar Land or Buy Mars no.

5) He states “Loved by Celebrities, former Presidents and millions around the world”  – YES they do love it, but they got it from the Lunar Embassy.

6) He states ” IAOHPE Authorized” – This is a made up, by him, organization – Notice how he jumbles the letters to make your eye see HOPE?  Yes, because I am Dennis HOPE founder

of the Lunar Embassy and he is trying to confuse you.

7) He states “LUNAR LAND and BUY MARS  are the world’s most recognized Celestial Real Estate Agency and has been selling land on Mars for decades. Lunar Land is one of THE FIRST

companies in the world to possess a legal TRADEMARK and COPYRIGHT for the sale of extraterrestrial property within the confines of our solar system. ”  –  Let’s break that down…

Lunar Embassy is the most recognized, google us and see the myriad of articles written about us.  He thinks just because he says it you will believe it. We have already established he

has no trademark – We got our Trademark  in 2001 (link here) .   It is OUR trademark and Copyright he is boasting about from when he was an Ambassador with us.

8)  Everything he states in the section:

    “Lunar Land’s Legal Right To Offer Mars Land”   belongs to us, the Lunar Embassy

9) He has no copyright, but we do – and its signed by Hilary Clinton (click here).

10) He states “Therefore, one can become the legal owner of an extraterrestrial body, if you are the first one that claimed it.”  – Well, We claimed it back in 1980 and he knows that.

Folks may not agree but they know Lunar Embassy is the company with the Claim, not buy Mars

Buying Mars, Elon Musk Wants to Retire there – article


Only Buy Mars Property from the Lunar Embassy. We are the true original and only legit seller. Beware of