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Moon Estates .com Misleads Lunar Embassy Customers Trying to Buy Land on the Moon

Let us tell you what we know about Moon Estates .com unscrupulous behavior.

Moon Estates, AKA: Moon Life LTD, AKA: Amazing Gift Company


Long ago Moon Estates was our Ambassador in the UK.  The Ambassador let his daughter Angela take over operations and she started selling outside of

her territory, ruining a very long standing relationship between Lunar Embassy and

Her contract was limited to the territory of the UK.   She was caught selling property all over, including in India most recently.   We ended up terminating their contract and they have decided to go rogue selling invalid property.

They have been told to stop but instead they have stepped up their game and started selling to Gift Companies worldwide with the knowledge that they are not selling our valid land

but they are advertising the land as the Lunar Embassy’s on their packaging.


The gift companies we know about we have contacted and told them they are selling invalid property to their customers.


Moon Estates .com website says they are selling “authorized” property but know that they are not.  They also mention some “database” , well even when they were an

Ambassador they would not turn over their database of owners to our main database so no property EVER purchased thru Moon Estates has been registered with the Lunar Embassy.

Beware of this company in the UK and spread the word!

Only Buy Extraterrestrial Real Estate from The Lunar Embassy