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Career Opportunity

Greetings to the Ambassador program from the Lunar Embassy. This program is very simple. In the beginning of the Lunar Embassy’s sales we decided that it would be more beneficial to have others in countries around the world representing the properties sold by the Lunar Embassy. When this program first started we had ten Ambassadors and 35 reselling agents around the world. During the last seven years we have decided to change this process and now we are offering only Ambassadorships to those qualified individuals worthy of representing the Lunar Embassy.

If you are one of those individuals that see opportunity in life as being good and you are driven to success then this program is built for you. An Ambassador for the Lunar Embassy will have exclusivity in their contracted geographic region to sell our properties to the general population of that contracted area. The Lunar Embassy will no longer have the rights to sell with a contracted area, it would be yours exclusively.

During the course of business over the last fifteen years the Lunar Embassy has created at least wealth for those who stuck with the program.

Our Japanese Ambassador has averaged 1926 properties sold per month since he started with us in 2002. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a business that when run properly will provide great amounts of money monthly to you for those efforts. If you work hard and smart and use the tools available from the Embassy you can become more successful than before.

If you are a self-starter, determined to be a success, have people skills, are organized and looking to make a difference in the world then this may be the program for you. If you have interest in becoming well known, provide a great income for you and your family, gain prestige in your country, and provide a really valuable service for those in your geographic region then you need to contact, Lunar Embassy’s Global General Ambassador at his email address; and provide him with the following;

  1. A brief description of the territory you are interested
  2. Describe why you would be the correct appointee
  3. resume and a current work and education history

Once these items are received we will contact you to review and make our determination as to whether or not we are a match. If you are approved you can be working as soon as one day from receiving payment from you for the project. This is a great opportunity to grow financially and provide those properties that people around the planet are purchasing on a continual basis since 1980. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Dr. Dennis M Hope
Celestial Executive Officer (CEO) – Galactic Government
Lunar Embassy, Earth