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Lunar Embassy®

Lunar Embassy, Selling Extraterrestrial Real Estate since 1980

WELCOME to the Lunar Embassy ®, established in 1980 by Dennis Hope, the Man Who Owns the Moon, and all other Celestial bodies in our Solar System. We are the leaders in moon ownership, extraterrestrial real estate and the ONLY company in the world to be recognized to possess a legal basis for selling and registering extraterrestrial properties! You can buy a piece of the Moon or own land on Mars  or give the unique gift of property on the Planet Venus and have the Deed to prove it. As a matter of fact, Dennis filed a claim of ownership for all planets in our Solar System (except Earth) and their moons thanks to a loophole he found in the 1967 Space Treaty, a loophole large enough to fly a rocket thru. A loophole that they tried to close with the Moon Treaty, but space fairing nations would not vote in favor of it so it was never ratified. Lunar Land Use is a hot topic in today’s news and we are at the forefront of Moon Ownership and Mineral Rights. Mars is now in the Spotlight as well and the Space Race is on!

If you are looking to buy land on the Moon, or to buy land on Mars, or any planet in our Solar System you have come to the right place! This really is the cheapest real estate in the universe! (for more info see the Whats it all about? section.)

We also warmly welcome you to our organization. With over 6,000,000 members, we are the largest organization of space enthusiasts and extraterrestrial land owners worldwide from Lunar property to land on Mars, Venus, Mercury or Io.   Check out our Media Page for some of the TV appearances Mr. Hope has been on, and don’t forget our News Articles Tab for a sampling. The Lunar Embassy is the Real Deal! Over 750 interviews in 80 countries and counting…this topic just gets more intriguing. From NPR, to National Geographic, to US News, and many many more including Documentaries, we are at the forefront of the discussion of ownership rights in space.

Perhaps you can’t own it here….but you can own it up there!

WE SHIP WORLDWIDE. Please use these links to our Ambassadors in Japan and South Korea. Those are the ONLY other Authorized Ambassadors we have. For all other Countries Worldwide you can order from us here at the site you are on, our USA site.

So sit back, relax and gaze up at your lunar property. You CAN own a piece of the moon and you can buy it here at the Lunar Embassy, and remember, Mars needs Moms!



Beware because there are COPYCAT COMPANIES  selling property with NO CLAIM. Click the link to read what we know about some of them.

They are simply misleading would be landowners, they are opportunists and they ALL are faceless.

Some of these opportunists are listed in our Copycat Company Section. All trying to either look like us, use my story, or pretend to have a legal basis for what they are doing.  None have the Claim, Only I have the file Claim of Ownership, I found the Loophole in the 1967 Space Treaty and I am the one in every form of Media. My goal is to distribute these bodies to humanity not just wealthy corporations for resource grabs.

We are not affiliated with any NFT’s, please contact us if you find any company claiming their NFT’s or Crypto are from the Lunar Embassy.


We can ship to you anywhere in the World from this Site Only.

No matter what others say on their sites you are not getting valid, legally claimed Extraterrestrial Real Estate issued by the Lunar Embassy.

Only buy extraterrestrial real estate from the Lunar Embassy®.


There are thousands of articles about myself, Dennis Hope and the Lunar Embassy ®,

there is a reason for that. Do not be fooled by these other sites claiming to sell you land.

Dennis hope with Moon Deed, Lunar Deed, Mars Deed, Mercury Deed, Io Deed, Venus Deed

Buy Land on the Moon, Buy Land on Mars – Only from Dennis Hope and the Lunar Embassy ®.

(photo: Lunar Deed, Mars Deed, Venus Deed, Io Deed, Mercury Deed, Mr. Hope)


Sincerely Yours, Dennis Hope.


Moon land for sale!


Buy Land on the Moon

Buy Land on the Moon! As Seen on TV, We are the ONLY legitimate seller of Property on the Moon. Dennis Hope Legally Filed the Claim of Ownership in 1980. No Other Company has a Claim.  The claim is the important part and only Mr. Hope has that. So stake YOUR claim in extraterrestrial ownership. As you have seen on TV or read in over 750 articles, in over 180 countries, Lunar Embassy is the only...

Buy Land On Mars

Buy Land on Mars. We are the ONLY company with a filed claim of ownership for land on Mars. Dennis Hope filed the Claim and gave notice to the United Nations in 1980 and People have been able to buy land on Mars ever since.Who doesn't love Mars? Elon Musk (who has 5 acres himself) has really started a whole new fascination with the Red...

Buy Land on Mercury

Buy Land on Mercury!  You can buy land on Mercury and all of the other planets in our Solar System. We also sell acres on Mars and you can buy Land on the Moon. Our Founder Dennis Hope discovered a loophole in the 1967 Space Treaty. He filed a claim of ownership for...

Buy Land on the Planet Venus

Buy Land on the Planet Venus The ultimate romantic gift. Venus Properties For Sale!. Can you own land on Venus? In fact you can! Our Founder, Dennis Hope, discovered a loophole in the 1967 Space Treaty and in 1980 filed a claim of ownership. Furthermore, not only has he claimed ownership over Venus but all of the planets in our...



Chandrayaan-3 Landing Site View Property

Chandrayaan-3 Landing Site View Property.   Part of our Location, Location, Location Series!Let's all celebrate India becoming a Space Fairing Nation, thanks to the ISRO, with a Chandrayaan-3 Landing Site view lot on the Moon!We are opening up a limited number of View lots to the



Sea of Tranquility Lunar Property

Sea of Tranquility, NEW!! Part of our Location, Location, Location Series.What a wonderful Unique Gift. A Gift that they will talk about for years to come. Even better this lunar property is in the Sea of Tranquility!!We are the ONLY legitimate seller of Property on the Moon. Dennis Hope filed the Claim of Ownership in 1980. All other companies are CopyCats with NO claim.Buying a plot...



Moon Rabbit

In Western culture, people say that they see the “man in the moon”; whereas in Eastern culture, people view a rabbit on the moon that has evolved from an assortment of regional folk legends.An example of the Moon Rabbit is the Jade Rabbit, from Chinese folklore,...



APOLLO 15 Moon Landing Lots

APOLLO 15 MOON LANDING VIEW LOTS. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - PURCHASE VIEW LOTS 10 MILES FROM THE SITE. Part of our Location, Location, Location Series. Celebrate Apollo 15's Moon Landing 50th Anniversary by buying a never before offered Moon Acre 10 miles from the landing site.  This makes a great conversation piece.We keep all Important...



Buy Mars Cydonia

Buy Mars Cydonia Plaza View Sites - The Face on Mars - Location, Location, Location. This is the Mars Property to have!One of the 5 Wonders of the Martian World these Buy Mars Cydonia Exclusive Lots have an out of this world view of the Mysterious Cydonia Plaza.Cydonia is located in the

Buy The Moon, APOLLO 11 Moon Landing

Celebrate Apollo 11's Moon Landing 50th Anniversary by buying a never before offered Moon Acre 10 miles from the landing site.  This makes a great conversation piece.We keep all Important landing areas as National Monuments and do not sell the land.  For a...

The Extraterrestrial Passport and Nationality

Buy Your Extraterrestrial Passport Here! Get an extraterrestrial nationality and become a true “Alien.” Only for off planet use. Expires 25 years after issue date.Makes a great add on to your land purchase. Moon, Mars,

$41.99 VAT
Pluto (in it’s entirety)

Buy Pluto! Buy The Planet Pluto (in it’s entirety)Contact us for information.Your Property comes with Mineral Rights. Should you mine your property for profit 10% of your proceeds will be payable to the Galactic Government for Humanitarian projects here on...

$250,000.00 VAT
Prime View Iotian Properties

Jupiter Moon Io Property For Sale!  Each single property comes with three documents (The Iotian Deed, the Iotian Map and the Iotian Codes, Covenants and Restrictions).Your property comes with Mineral Rights.There is a sampling of articles and TV appearances in our Moon Blog Section, our TV Press Reports Section, and our News Articles Section.Dennis M. Hope, of the Lunar Embassy has...