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Copycat companies

There are Copycat Companies out there riding our coat tails selling land on the moon, mars and more.

Only the Lunar Embassy has a legally recognized claim of ownership and right to sell extraterrestrial real estate.

Some of these companies are :

Lunar Registry, Moon Estates, Moonlife Ltd, Amazing Gift Co., Moon Register,  and many many more!

Check out these warnings as well:  Moon, Mars

BEWARE of these companies.  Click on each one for a link to what we know about them so far.

There are many others that have joined in, partly owned by some of these players above with different

names, even Groupon has started selling my lands without my consent thru these companies.

Most of them don’t even send you anything, you “download” and print your document. If you are going to buy Extraterrestrial Real Estate, don’t you at least want to get it from someone with a legally filed claim?

These sites have no face to them, my face is everywhere, my name is everywhere, my company name is

everywhere in the media.  There is a reason for that.

Dennis Hope,

Lunar Embassy