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  • President Hope in negotiations with the International Money Fund. More on this as it evolves.
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Summer 2009 Newsletter – Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Mission

I would like to take a moment to let all of you know that the normal newsletters will be coming every two months on schedule. It has been almost a year since the last one was created. For that I apologize. The commitments I have for both the Lunar Embassy and the Galactic Government made it impossible to complete a newsletter before this time. I have found a way to change my scheduling so I can do this from now on. Thank you all for your patience.

It seems like yesterday that I was watching the TV at my roommate’s house in Bend Oregon. We saw what the rest of the world saw at that time. The stepping off the craft that took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren to the Moon of Earth. I remember thinking to myself, this has to be one of the most significant things humans have ever accomplished. The possibilities were endless. The time seemed to stop as we watched Neil Armstrong jump from the ladder to the surface of the Moon and then to profess those immortal words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” In some ways it seems that we have dropped the ball when it comes to the Moon of Earth. From the vantage point of the Lunar Embassy we have just started to accelerate our involvement. There are a number of projects we are working on currently and we will discuss all of them in this newsletter.

Remember when Fox TV shared with the world the skepticism of the actual landing on the Moon as fake? I do. It reminded we that there will always be those on Earth that will disavow almost anything that can or does happen. Do not take me the wrong way. I think a healthy dose of skepticism is actually important. There comes a point of ridiculousness at some point. The United States of America is still the only country on this planet that has actually sent people to the Moon, as far as we know. I wonder why that is? Maybe you can provide some insight into this question. I am so pleased with the adventures of organizations on Earth like the ESA, NASA, Russia, Japan, China, and all others with space programs. They have all contributed to the knowledge and acceptance of facts as we know them today with regard to space travel. Each of these organizations in their own way have contributed so much to the concept of actually getting to another celestial body to visit or live. Without their efforts we would still be only here on Earth.

The future holds so many possibilities for us. We also believe within the next 5-10 years the Lunar Embassy will be on the surface of the Moon building the first Lunar City, “New Hope City.” This will be a fully enclosed pyramid. The base is slated at 3 kilometers by 3 kilometers, and a height of 3 kilometers. This will provide a venue large enough to handle agriculture, livestock, retail, theatres, amusement centers, restaurants, golf (inside of course), hospital, housing through luxury condos, business suites, government offices for the Galactic Government and the Lunar Embassy as well as any government on Earth that wants to have an Embassy there. We will have everything necessary for all humans to have the comforts of home as they do on Earth. Hopefully the New Hope City project will begin sometime in 2011 and be finished sometime in 2015. We will use solar energy and helium 3 reserves to power our city and our modes of transportation. On that note I would ask any of you for suggestions for the type of transportation that would work on the Moon. Our premise is that we do not want to have to build roads, so any type of hovercraft, flying car or flying anything would be appreciated from you. Just contact us at and we will take the suggestion. If we select your idea for creation of these vehicles we will provide you with a 1,777.58 acre of property on the Moon in one of the richest areas with helium3 reserves. Please remember that Helium3 is valued at $125,000.00 per ounce on Earth.

In June of 2008, the Galactic Government made application with the IMF (International Monetary Fund). If they accept our sovereignty then the will also accept our currency (the Delta). I have personally given land to the Galactic Government with some $3,000,000,000,000,000.00 US dollar equivalence to place into the treasury of the Galactic Government. These funds will be used to create the first city on the Moon, “New Hope City.” They will also allow the Galactic Government to create a no tax ever on its citizen’s government. Once our application is accepted and our currency useable we will start with a couple of projects that will benefit all of us. We can start building the craft to carry payload and personnel to the Moon, Mars and other parts of our solar system. We can also assist some of the other financially ailing governments on Earth with sizeable donations. We will also start the bank for all of you to use. Please remember that we do not and will not share any of our information with anyone, government, business, or individual, ever. This will be the first off planet banking system.

It is time for the Galactic Government to accept requests from those wishing to be a Congressperson these positions are for a four year period and are conscripted. We would prefer to have those wishing to be involved in the creation of the best government ever known to contact us and let us know you want to be part of this. We are also accepting applications (we have them in the Lunar Embassy and will email them to you) for the elected positions of, Senator, Vice President, and President. We are trying to get all of these applications in so we can create the first general election next year. If you have ever had an interest in being an elected official just contact us at

At the beginning of august 2009, the Lunar Embassy in association with the Galactic Government is going to send to you another newsletter with specific intent. We have come across a company that has developed a computer software program that enhances currency trading on this planet. The results of this eight year project are astounding. In this time of economic uncertainty we could all use a program that would allow us up to a 125% ROI (return on investment). I will have more details later when I send you the next newsletter supplemental in August, 2009.

On this investing note I wanted everyone to know that the Galactic Government will be offering our currency at a highly discounted rate within the next four months. Our currency, the “Delta,” is the only government backed currency available anywhere on Earth. We are going to offer to all of our citizens D10,000.00 for $1,000.00 US dollars. When we get closer to having this currency accepted by the IMF we will make this offering for a very short time period and only for property owners. We will allow you plenty of time once we are ready.

We are still looking for qualified Ambassadors and reselling agents for certain parts of the world. Currently we have positions available in Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Portugal, and Spain. We would also accept resellers in these areas as well. Profitability is excellent and the work will change your life. Contact the web site

We are still contracted with TransOrbital Inc, for the depositing of our disk on the Moon. We still cannot get a specific time for the launch but they assure us we are going to have our disc on the Moon sometime soon. The registration of your properties is $15.00 per property you wish to register on the disc going to the Moon.

Please remember the Century Club program. We still have 325 positions available for this 1,777.58 acre property, up to 5 Galactic Government ID cards and passports, plus one acre each on Mars, Venus, IO (eye-oh), and Mercury. The cost of this program is $1,000.00 US dollars and is listed on our web site:

Please be careful when you type in the web site address for the Lunar Embassy. The reason for this is that Lunar Registry (an illegal copy cat company has registered misspellings of our web site. We are taking the legal steps allowed to us by ICANN and other Earth entities to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Also remember that all copycat companies selling land on the Moon of Earth or any of the other celestial lands owned by the Lunar Embassy are doing so in an illegal basis. There are eight remaining copycat companies. Most onerous are two in the USA and they have affiliates in the UK, Australia, and Germany. We are processing now a way to get rid of all of them. Also David Ferrell Jackson is the owner of Lunar Republic, Lunar Registry, Lunar International, and he has violated trademarks by the Lunar Embassy by creating a site called This site is a slam on everything we do and our attorney’s have just found the owner of this site to be Mr. Jackson. He has slandered the Lunar Embassy and myself on this site.

For those of you within the boundaries of the USA who are in need of a qualified home loan from a reputable bank, Bank of America, please contact one of their highest ranked retail loan individuals here in America, Christopher Lamar. He can be reached by either calling him at 1-925-640-2632 or email him with your specific needs at I promise he will work whatever miracle is needed to help you get the home loan you deserve. Bank of America is lending money now for home loans.

Lunar Explorer is the highest quality and most accurate mapping system of the Moon ever. The design for this program was taken with Lunar Embassy property owners in mind. You can place your property description from your deed into this system and it will take you to a real picture of your specific property. You can also travel to any part of the Moon’s surface with this program and see all the textures and sights available on the Moon. It is an excellent program for any Lunar Property Owner.

Our properties range from our smallest offering of one acre to 5,332,740 acres. Any purchase of a City sized property or larger on any of the lands we sell can be financed for as much as 40 years. There is no qualifying and everyone is approved. Contact the Lunar Embassy to receive the full details of this program.

As with all newsletters I wanted to say thank all of you for the support and desires from you to keep the Lunar Embassy going. We are now into the end of our 28th year. Our population is now very close to 5,500,000 individuals and companies on Earth. We are still growing by approximately 1,500 acres per day average annually. Without your continued support and acceptance of this program we would not be able to survive. Thank you all so very much.

With warm regards from the Lunar Embassy and the Galactic Government

Dr. Dennis M. Hope

CEO (Celestial Executive Officer) President – Galactic Government

AKA: “The Head Cheese” – The Lunar Embassy


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