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From Our Galactic Press

Here you can find official releases from the Galactic press as well as a small extract of the huge amount of media attention the Lunar Embassy has received. There are YouTube video excepts as well as some articles that where written in the worldwide press. Please note that our selection here is but a very small fraction of what is actually going on….

You can also have a look at the Prestigious Republican Award Mr. Hope and the Lunar Embassy have recently received from the US Congress!

Press Releases

The Galactic Government – Solar Land Rush Extended

The Lunar Embassy has been granted the right to sell, in their entirety, certain moons in the Solar System. Full ownership and resale rights.


PRLog (Press Release)Aug. 1, 2010 – Solar Land Rush Extended
Gardnerville, NV- July 29, 2010

The Lunar Embassy, a company created in 1980 for the express purpose of offering to the citizens of Earth purchase opportunities for land on planetary bodies within our solar system, announced today that the moons of many planets have been released for sale in their entirety. During the last thirty years the Lunar Embassy has sold 560 million acres on the Moon of Earth, 314 million acres on Mars, and a combined 106 million acres on Venus, IO (eye-oh), and Mercury. The Lunar Embassy is the only company on Earth with the legal rights to sell land on any of our satellite bodies. (See the web site at All Lunar Embassy authorized resellers will have the Lunar Embassy logo on their site.

“Since the United States and Chile have now recognized the sovereignty of The Galactic Government, we decided now was the time to grant The Lunar Embassy permission to offer to the general public on Earth, 16 minor moons for sale.” said Dr. Vincent Hamm, Secretary of State for the Galactic Government, “These moons are of historic proximity and cost effective values.”

The moons being offered by the Lunar Embassy for sale, are:
Mars – (Phobos, and Deimos), Jupiter – (Amalthea), Saturn – (Prometheus, Pandora, Epimetheus, Janus, Calypso, Helene, Hyperion, Mimas, Encladeus), Uranus – (Puck, Miranda), Neptune – (Larissa, Proteus). (see for more information.)

“We are pleased that The Lunar Embassy will be able to finance these moons with a few exceptions” stated Yasuyuki Matsumoto, Japanese Ambassador for The Lunar Embassy, “The Lunar Embassy mortgage company, with seven years of service, is perfect for those who want to purchase larger properties in our solar system and do not have the available cash to make that purchase. They will use simple interest (2%) and the term of the loans will range from 10 years to 35 years. The Lunar Embassy is in a unique position with their mortgage company as they do not require credit checks, payroll inquiries, or any form of qualifying for these loans in the traditional sense. Since they are the ones loaning on these properties they can set the rules to benefit those with desire to own a moon within our solar system.”

C. Wesley Faires, Attorney General of The Galactic Government said: “After these moons have been sold, the purchaser has the all of the legal right to sell, gift, lease, or in some other manner change the ownership status of these satellites, as conferred by The Galactic Government through the Lunar Embassy.”


For more information contact:

Dr. Dennis Hope, President; 1329 US Highway 395 North, Suite 10-281; Gardnerville, NV 89410; +1.702.991.1232, US toll free 1-800-LUNAR-29;

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About the Lunar Embassy:
Created in 1980, under the authority of The Galactic Government, to offer Solar land sales to the citizens of Earth.

Lunar Embassy to Reveal Next Step for Mankind


RIO VISTA, CA – July 18, 2001 (INB) — On Friday, July 20th, The Lunar Embassy, will reveal the next step for mankind – the development of space and celestial bodies. At a press conference to be held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Dennis M. Hope will reveal plans that will have far reaching consequences. Will this next step be a positive impact on all governments and their citizens?

Mr. Hope, holder of the Hope Claim to private property rights on certain celestial bodies including the moon, will outline a plan for the organization and development of celestial properties held by over one million people around the word.

“We have reached a point,” said Mr. Hope, “where we can no longer see ourselves merely as property owners, we are on the verge of becoming a vast community with diverse interests in exploration, experimentation, commerce and tourism. We want to enjoy life in space, on the moon and other celestial bodies.”

“Among the property owners,” Mr. Hope continued, “we number two former Presidents of the United States, more than 400 celebrities including Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, John Travolta, Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes. We have among us scientists, attorneys, doctors, dentists, journalists, lawmen, plumbers, educators, and people from every walk of life here on Earth.”

For nearly twenty one years The Lunar Embassy has facilitated sales of the Hope Claim to over one million people in 175 countries on Earth. For the last several years the Internet has afforded Lunar Embassy a vehicle by which to network the property owners and help facilitate their individual goals and joint enterprises.

“Development of communities of interest, “said Mr. Hope, will spur development in space and on celestial bodies especially the Moon and Mars. Our announcement comes at a fortuitous time in history. Think of all that has gone before to make it possible. In our time we have seen the first space tourist, Mr. Tito. Now it is time for the Lunar Embassy to take the next big step. Will this next step be a positive impact on all governments and their citizens of planet Earth? We certainly hope so.

Event: Press Conference to be held Friday, July 20th at 12:45 PM in conjunction with the 3rd Annual Lunar Development Conference at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada.