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Who Buys This?

Who On Earth Buys Moon Real Estate?

The short answer is: EVERYONE. While the Lunar Embassy treat their list of clients confidentially, we can reveal that approximately 675 very well known celebrities and three former Presidents of the United States of America are now extraterrestrial property owners and own moon real estate. This includes approximately 15 main actors from the original Star Trek series, as well as the Next Generation and Voyager series.

Many companies purchase lunar cities or states to give to their customers. Lovers buy them as gifts for their loved ones. Investors buy them for their children. Schoolkids buy them for charity, resell them, and then give thousands of dollars to cancer research. (Yes, this happened often.) The list of people who buy them is endless. Dentists, lawyers, nurses, space hobbyists, trekkers, doctors, taxi drivers, policemen and up to now, about 30 NASA employees. At the last count over 6,011,311 people are already proud owners of their extraterrestrial property, with properties on the Moon being the hot forerunner of course (because these are the only properties you can easily see from Earth).

Some Will Lead, Others Will Follow

With the fame, of course, came the copycats, all of them not legal, as they do not hold a claim that precedes the claim of the Lunar Embassy, for the properties in question. There are now three other Internet pages that try to sell properties on two extraterrestrial bodies in the solar system, to which the Lunar Embassy hold the claim, and on top of that, all are more expensive than us, in every respect. Unfortunately, they are doing this in a highly irresponsible manner, to the disadvantage of any unsuspecting customer.

One even calls themselves “consulate”to copy the Lunar Embassy. You have been luckier. You found us first. You will not get a fake Rolex for twice the price. You will get the real thing, at the correct lower price.

Recognized World Authority

WE THE LUNAR EMBASSY are the only recognized world authority for the sale of moon real estate and other planetary real estate (including Mars) in the known solar system. Please be advised that any others are copy cat companies without authority, soliciting your money for unauthorized products. As the Lunar Embassy are the sole holders of the property claim to all planets in the solar system and their Moons (with the exceptions of the Sun and the Earth), we of course, also intend to offer properties for sale on all of these stell

If you are in doubt about a website, ask them if they received the Prestigious Republican Award Mr. Hope and the Lunar Embassy have recently received from the US Congress.

Further, the Lunar Embassy are a member of the Netcheck Internet Commerce Bureau. There you can consult our company register, and see if anyone has filed a complaint against our company. Ask them if they are also a member of an independent evaluator body.

To get an immediate answer, alternatively, you can lookup the date when they registered their domain name to clearly see that they are recent additions (we are online since August of 1996 with and then in July 31, 1997 for the

Of course you can buy your property here and then resell it over the Internet. There are several such websites. Remember – if it doesn’t carry the Lunar Embassy seal, it isn’t real.

OK OK I’m hooked! How can I get mine?

Simple. Use the website navigator tool at the top to jump to the website that sells the property you are interested in.

If there’s any problem, you can contact us by e-mail immediately by clicking here.

Finally, the Lunar Embassy Staff would like to wish all current and future moon real estate owners, much happiness from your acquisition!

Perhaps you can’t own it here….but you can, own it up there!