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Lunar Registry Tries to Confuse People with Fake Agencies like Luna Society and Lunar Republic

Here is what we know about the Lunar Registry (aka Lunar Registry International) (aka Luna Society) (aka Lunar Republic) (aka Lunar India) (aka International Lunar Land Registry) (aka International Lunar Land Registry) (aka Luna Society International) (aka United Lunar Republic) (aka ILLR) (aka International Lunar Lands Authority) (aka ILLA) (aka The Lunar Registry) (aka Lunar Lands Registry) David Ferrell Jackson out of Livermore, California in his garage.

Lunar Registry is selling absolutely nothing with absolutely no claim and no media coverage. Riding the coat tails of the Lunar Embassy capitalizing on our global recognition as being the ONLY company with an actual filed claim of ownership.


They sell you land on the Moon stating they are:

A) Operating in compliance with the statutes of the Lunar Settlement Initiative (An Initiative they made up) This is the organization they say is Authorizing them to record your claim and funds. This is their website and they make it seem as though it is a valid and recognized organization, IT IS NOT.

B) They are the authorized property claims agent of Luna Society International (An organization they too made up and tried to steal our trademark).    So they covered their bases real well.


They are constantly adding and changing names to confuse everyone that finds out about them.

** UPDATE: They have ditched the Kennedy Exploration bit and now it is “Crowdfunding for private exploration” – again we encourage you to ask to see that bank account where Your money is “sitting waiting to explore”. **

Lunar Registry states ” Your purchase from The Lunar Registry directly benefits the Kennedy II Lunar Exploration Project, ” This is a made up by them Project as well with a clever disclaimer:

“This project is not affiliated with or endorsed by the family of John F. Kennedy, his heirs or designees, and no affiliation is implied or inferred by the use of images or text utilized in this website or in other materials produced by or on behalf of the Kennedy II Lunar Exploration Project. Public-domain speeches and images are used with gratitude and thanks to the John F. Kennedy Library, Boston.”

Ask them what they have accomplished with these “Kennedy Project funds” .  Ask them to see the Bank Account those funds are “sitting in, waiting”.


Lunar Registry then goes on to try and discredit our Claim while bolstering up their non-existant one with links to phony project websites and the Made up Luna Society where they try to get you

to Subscribe to a multi year membership!

The Luna Society WebSite is a glorified Instagram account where they post Space News…you can join our Instagram or Facebook page and get the same


Lunar Registry even took our name Lunar Embassy and made a website in Canada called   It is funny because we actually have a Canadian Trademark and that site SHOULD be ours but he wants to confuse our landowners. These people are ruthless!


I find it amusing that the Lunar Registry tried to acquire our US trademark.

In 2006 thru miscommunication with our attorney our US Trademark lapsed and who came along to try and

scoop it up to pretend to be us?   Luna Society!   They gave up when the Examiner shut them down. See here: TM Database 

Last Applicant/Owner:Luna Society International
NEW YORK, NY 10001


LunaSociety.Org (luna Society International) makes them look so official….they use this name to confuse you with Lunar Society of Birmingham that has been around since 1765.

The thought that goes into all of these mind tricks….or clever marketing….I call it misleading, is amazing.  If it quacks like a duck it is probably a duck.


Lunar Registry also is trying to mislead our potential land owners by purchasing a URL that should belong to us   and pointing it at their site Lunar Registry to confuse people!


It never ends with these copycats.  They don’t seem to care that they have no claim and they are misleading people purposefully !!


To recap, is also International Lunar Land Registry, is also Lunar Registry international, is also, Luna Society , Lunar Republic and finally the Kennedy II Exploration Project….each validating the other. Whew!