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Luna program

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Lunar Parcel Latitude and Longitude Calculator

Please check your Deed for your Lunar Land Discription.
Press the TAB key after each of your entries.

From your Deed, enter Area Letter (A1-A, A-1, or A to N)
From your Deed, enter the Area Nmber (0-35)
From your Deed, enter the Quadrant Name (Alpha-India)

If your "Lot Number" looks like this: 6 / 1103:
the numbers are: Property Number / Acre Number for this calculator.

From your Deed, enter the Property Number (1-500)
From your Deed, enter the Acre Number (1-1750)

If you own a 1777.58 acre Property, enter 0 (zero) in the last box above.
Press TAB key to show your results.

Data for the specified plot of land -- This Parcel is located on the Lunar
Location data is Degrees:Minutes:Seconds.(with fraction)

North Edge: Latitude
South Edge: Latitude
West Edge: Longitude
East Edge: Longitude

East/West locations are relative to Prime Meridian (Zero Degrees) on the Lunar Nearside.
(Use your browser "Back" button when done here.)