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Buy Land on the Moon

"Since 1980, Selling and Distributing Land on the Moon Worldwide."

The Lunar Embassy Mission Statement:

WELCOME From the Center of the Lunar Embassy, established in 1980 by Dennis Hope,  the Man Who Owns the Moon. We are the leaders in extraterrestrial real estate and the ONLY company in the world to be recognized to possess a legal basis for selling and registering extraterrestrial properties! You can buy a piece of the Moon or own land on Mars. As well as give the unique gift of property on the Planet Venus. As a matter of fact, Dennis claimed ownership of all planets in our Solar System (except Earth) and their moons.

If you are looking to buy land on the Moon, or to buy land on Mars, or any planet in our Solar System you have come to the right place! This really is the cheapest real estate in the universe! (And if you think this must all be a really good joke….please know that it is not… for more info see the Whats it all about? section.)

We also warmly welcome you to our organization. With over 5,000,000 members, we are the largest organization of space enthusiasts worldwide.

Perhaps you can’t own it here….but you can own it up there!

We are the expression of the true intent of the 1967 Space Treaty Article II. These Celestial Bodies to be held in benefit of all humanity. We are the vehicle by which all of humanity can realize their equity share. Not Governments, Not Multinational Corporations…Individual property ownership. Be a voice for all humanity. The more land owners we have joined together in this family, the greater our collective voice against attempts at infringement. Our commitment is to make sure that our celestial bodies are reserved for ALL of humanity.

WE SHIP WORLDWIDE. Please check our Contact Us page for links to our Ambassadors in Japan and South Korea if that will be your final shipping destination. Those are the ONLY other Authorized Ambassadors we have. So sit back, relax and gaze up at your property. You can own a piece of the moon and you can buy it here at the Lunar Embassy.


Beware because there are COPYCAT COMPANIES selling property with NO claim. These include MONDLAND.DE, MONDGRUNDSTUECK-KAUFEN.DE  LUNAR LAND, OFFICIAL LUNAR LAND, IAOHPE, BUY MARS, BUYPLANETMARS, LUNARLANDOWNER, LUNARLANDREALTY, INTERNATIONAL LUNAR LAND COMPANY, MOONLOTSFORSALE.NET, PHASES OF MOON, MOON ESTATES, MOONLIFE LTD, AMAZING GIFT COMPANY, EXCITING LIVES, VIRGIN EXPERIENCE DAYS, MOONLANDONLINE, MOON REGISTER, LUNAR REGISTRY, LUNA SOCIETY, LUNAR REPUBLIC, MOONPROPERTY.NET .Click on each one to see what we know about them so far and their unscrupulous behavior and willingness to try and mislead you. There is NO Lunar Embassy in Armenia or Italy or Russia or India either. The ONLY Authorized Lunar Embassy’s are in the USA, South Korea and Japan. This list grows daily it seems as we find more and more.

We have noticed they do it in clusters to boost their SEO rankings. For example, Copycats Lunar Land, Official Lunar Land, IAOHPE, Lunar Land Owner, Lunar Land Realty, International Lunar Land Company, Moon Lots for Sale, Phases of Moon, Buy Mars & Buy Planet Mars (this one he only sells on Groupon) are all owned by the same man in Florida.  Copycats Moon Estates, MoonLife and Amazing Gift Company are all run by a woman in the UK who also sells to Virgin Experience Days in UK and Exciting Lives in India. Copycats Lunar Registry, Luna Society, Lunar Republic and are all the same as well. Moon Register doesn’t even send you anything, just an email .pdf , their page has no contact information and they sell on Groupon!

It is a form of flattery I suppose but All of them are riding our coat tails and using our accolades but none have a claim and none are authorized by us. Have you noticed not one of them will put up their real names or even a face behind their phony business? There are hundreds of articles about me, not about them.  There is a reason for that.

No matter what they say on their sites you are not getting valid, legally claimed land issued by the Lunar Embassy. Only buy land on the Moon from the Lunar Embassy. Only buy Mars land from the Lunar Embassy. Only buy Extraterrestrial Real Estate from Lunar Embassy.
Read Who Owns the Moon 

See our Copyright stamped and signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton…ask them all for theirs.

Dennis hope with Moon Deed, Lunar Deed, Mars Deed, Mercury Deed, Io Deed, Venus Deed

Buy Land on the Moon, Buy Land on Mars – Only from Dennis Hope and the Lunar Embassy.

Sincerely Yours, Dennis Hope.

Galactic Realtor

August 2019 Dennis Hope, our Founder, will be featured on the TV show "To Tell The Truth" - ANNOUNCEMENT - October 1, 2019 thru December 31st, 2019 $1.00 from each acre sold will be donated to a High School of our choosing for their FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Fund.
Moon land for sale!


APOLLO 11 Moon Acres

Celebrate Apollo 11's 50th Anniversary by buying property on the Moon with a never before offered Moon Acre 10 miles from the landing site.  This makes a most talked about unique gift also. We keep all Important landing areas as National Monuments and do not sell...

Buy Land on the Moon

Buy land on the Moon! We are the ONLY legitimate seller of Land on the Moon. Dennis Hope filed the Claim of Ownership in 1980. All other companies are CopyCats. The Lunar Embassy’s  Moon property packages make GREAT UNIQUE GIFTS! We have various Lunar Land gift packages ranging from a 1 acre of land on the Moon to 20 acres or more, just adjust the...

Buy Land On Mars

Buy land on Mars! We are the ONLY company with a filed claim of ownership for Mars. Dennis Hope filed the Claim of Ownership with the United Nations in 1980. All other companies are CopyCats. Beware! The Lunar Embassy buy land on Mars gift packages are unique gifts. You can buy Mars acres in any combination from 1 acre to a Continent size lot. If you would like a

Buy Land on Mercury

Buy Land on Mercury!  You can buy land on Mercury and all of the other planets in our Solar System. We also sell acres on Mars and you can buy Land on the Moon. Our Founder Dennis Hope discovered a loophole in the...

Buy Land on the Planet Venus

Buy Land on the Planet VenusThe ultimate romantic gift. Venus Properties For Sale!. Can you own land on Venus? In fact you can! Our Founder, Dennis Hope, discovered a loophole in the 1967 Space Treaty and has filed a claim of ownership. Furthermore, not only has he claimed ownership over Venus but all of the

Prime View Iotian Properties

Jupiter Moon Io Property For Sale!  Each single property comes with three documents (The Iotian Deed, the Iotian Map and the Iotian Codes, Covenants and Restrictions).   ANNOUNCEMENT – October 1, 2019 thru December 31st, 2019 $1.00 from each acre sold will be donated to a High School of our choosing for their FBLA (Future Business Leaders of...

Pluto (in it’s entirety)

Buy Pluto! Buy The Planet Pluto (in it’s entirety)

The Extraterrestrial Passport and Nationality

Buy Your Lunar Passport Here! Get an extraterrestrial nationality and become a true “Alien.”

Moons and larger properties

Buy Whole Moons or Larger Properties.  Please contact us regarding the purchase of whole moons or larger parcels on the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Io. You can buy block size, neighborhood size and up.  If you purchase a city size lot or larger we will let you choose the location.